A Gaggle of Everyday Life Hacks


  Here you can find a wealth of everyday Life Hacks that will make it easier for you around the house.  


What is the best way to cure a cold?

Cold is a very popular infection disease caused by virus. Contrary to popular belief, cold is not caused by change in weather or poor nutrition. It’s caused by the transfer of the virus when you hug, kiss or touch. Having cold will force you to stay in bed for a week or two, requiring you […]


How to improve your self confidence


Self confidence is a treasure. It’s something that you can use to achieve goals, and no one can take it away from you. Only problem is, not a lot of people have the level of self confidence needed in making things work. If you’ve been insecure all your life, don’t worry, there are ways on […]


The Health Effects of Long Range Driving

The trucking industry remains one of the most lucrative and competitive businesses for our generation today as evidenced by the large volume of trucks for sale being advertised daily. But behind this business is an underlying danger that threatens majority of our truck drivers today. In the US alone, a recorded 500,000 truck accidents resulting […]


Chiropractic Therapy: How It Can Benefit The Immune System

The human body possesses the ability to self-heal when under stressful conditions. This ability however is widely influenced by the nervous system. When the normal functioning of the nervous system is impaired, the body’s self-healing is badly affected. The most common condition that affects the nervous system is spine misalignment (also known as subluxation) and […]


Running Injuries To Avoid

Running is a fantastic way to get fit and can be very liberating. The problem is that a lot of runners end up getting injuries, and then trying to run through them. This is a recipe for disaster, because a minor problem can become chronic if it isn’t allowed to heal. For this reason, it’s […]


Natural Beauty Health

There are times when all our attempts to be healthy fail us, our daily routines get disrupted for one reason or another, our lives get hectic, we become run down and prone to illness and disease, sometimes no matter how healing our daily practice is and no matter how diligent we are about them, from time […]

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