I want to change my life

I want to change my life but I do not know how. We all have phases in our life where either we feel tired, or we have a bad mood, we are nervous and upset without knowing why, we are bored of everything and do not want to see anyone. These are the times that we all wonder, “I want to change my life. But how?” The answer to this question is not simple. There are a lot of ways to change your life. This depends on what is that you do no like in your life and want to change. Each person and situation is different. There are some life hacks which everybody can follow and change their life for the better. This article outlines 15 life hacks that will definitely improve your life and change it for the better.

There are difficult stages in our life where we usually we do not know how to deal with them and thus we enter a vicious cycle of inactivity, low energy and bad mood. How can I change my life to overcome these bad phases? You can change your life by changing small everyday things that can make a big difference though!

Why you cannot change your life?

I want to change my life but I also want to be perfect: From the moment you stop to have a dependency on your perfection, life seems simpler and more enjoyable. You achieve nothing by blaming yourselves constantly and charging you of impotence. You achieve nothing by setting goals, which are unrealistic and then try to meet them, something that is not feasible. Your perfectionism, your persistence to be the first, best, most successful, most beautiful can only cause suffering, because there is always the better. Try to see life in a more relaxed manner and be honest with yourself and less tough. Change you way of thinking and you will be able to change your life.

I want to change my life but other people get in the way: Instead of blaming other people and situations why just not laugh with them? This small change would be enormous in terms of your mood. The humor and self-sarcasms is good for your health! Remember that laughter makes people live longer and makes our life more beautiful and can help you find happiness in your everyday life. It also strengthens our immune system while providing a shield of protection for heart and migraines. Do not always blame other people for your own inefficiencies and unwillingness to make a big step and change your life.

I want to change my life but I do not have time: We have learned to live our lives in crazy and lunatic paces. The whole time we are busy with something and forget to rest and relax. Many times we are exhausted but we have no time to relax. It is therefore important to care about ourselves, and find some time to relax and sleep well, to devote time to do the things we like and we are grateful and not to fill our lives with endless obligations. We have the right to rest and spend out time pleasantly. Life is not just a job … so relax without remorse. If you want to change your life you first have to find some time to plan for the change and organize your next steps.

I want to change my life but I am not the oath and promises type: If you want to change your life but the great promises and oath are not your type and you also tend to forget them easily. Start with small daily changes in your life that can make a difference.

15 life hacks to help you change your life

1. How is your sexual health?

It is proven that sex is good for your health. Sex beautifies the skin, burns calories and boosts your confidence! Also gives you emotional balance and well being. It is also the best tonic for your mood, helping you psychologically and improving your mood.

2. Diet and exercise…

A balanced diet and perhaps a detoxification diet on which you avoid all fat and unhealthy food will renew your mood and give you more energy and appetite for life. You can try one of the free low cholesterol diets. A good breakfast will give you the «fuel» that your body needs to meet the demands of the day and thus reduce the feeling of fatigue that you may feel.

You should reduce the consumption coffee to improve your nervousness and eliminate your migraine headaches while you can exercise (even if it is few minutes walk) to benefit from the many benefits of exercise to your health.

Do not forget that happiness lies in simple things. Instead of seeing everything around you negative or insignificant, you should enjoy the small joys everyday life can offer. A smile, a well-cooked food, a pleasant evening with your friends, a walk with your dog, is all you need to feel happy and satisfied.

3.Quit smoking today!

Soon smoking will be prohibited in all counties. All knows the harmful effects of smoking. The benefits of quitting smoking are a lot and certainly worth’s a try:

Within 20 minutes the blood pressure is reduced and pulse fall, while increasing the temperature of the body
After 8 hours the levels of oxygen are increased in the blood and the levels of carbon dioxide are reduced
In 24 hours the chances of heart attack are decreased
In 48 hours the taste and smell are enhanced
In 72 hours, the breathing becomes smoother
After 2 weeks to 3 months blood circulation is improved
In 1 to 9 months the cough caused by smoking is eliminated
After 5 years the death from lung cancer is reduced by 50%
After 10 years the pre cells are replaced, while decreasing the probability of occurrence of other cancers.

4. Get rid of stress

Stress is harmful for the heart, circulatory system and more generally for your health. You need to eliminate stress from your life. Some simple tips to help you out: improve the relations with your family, friends and colleagues. Try stress therapies such as meditation, yoga and other alternative treatments and exercises that relax and calm your mind. You cannot say, “I want to change my life” if you have managed to control the stress in your life.

5. Escape from the daily routine

On sunny days, escape into the countryside. The benefit is twofold: it will make you feel better and also it will help you regulate the levels of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your biological clock. These disorders cause bad mood, decreased energy, all this is also called «winter depression».

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables

You must eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis to have the desired protection from chronic diseases. Moreover, numerous studies confirm that they also reduce the likelihood of obesity by 28% in women and up to 46% in men. Still, with each portion of fruit and vegetables (eg a medium size fruit or a small bowl with vegetables) can reduce the risk of heart attack by 4% and stroke by 6%.

7. Surf the net!

Make surfing the web one of your daily favourite habits. Search for things that interest you, visit websites that you like. Scientists from the University of California found that adults and especially the elderly, who deal with new technology, are more vigorous mentally. And this is because the search procedure on the Internet is an activity that helps the brain because it activates the mechanisms that control decisions. Apart from searching the web you may well start a new blog yourself and expose online your writing talent!

8. Be faithful to yourself and others

Except that infidelity can cause a lot of confusion, recently Italian researchers of the Italian Migraine Society determined that the illegal sex can cause strong headaches onto unfaithful with a period of up to three hours! Scientists sound the alarm: in 3-4% of the infidel headaches may lead to a brain aneurysm, which in some cases is fatal. I want to change my life – I am unfaithful. These two situations don’t go together. If you want to change your life you have to be honest first with your self and then to others.

9.Good night sleep

First, sleep helps to rest sufficiently the mind and body. Secondly, as regards women sleep reduces the risk of a breast cancer. A study by U.S scientists indicates that women who sleep less than seven hours a night are up to 47% more likely to develop cancer, even if they exercise on a regular basis.

10. Keep walking…

Twenty minutes walking a day is enough to improve both physical fitness and your memory. If you forget easily, you should try and take a walk on a daily basis. Australian doctors, who have studied the results of research on the effect of simple physical activity in people with memory problems, agree to beneficial effects of exercise on our memory and urge people to try it.

To see how you are doing over time, you could get one of the many discount heart monitor watches and check your heart rate, as you walk. By monitoring your heart rate, you can get a sense of your cardiovascular progress, as walking becomes one of your regular heart healthy habits

11. Use the stairs more often…

If you want to add years to your life, begin to use the stairs frequently. Researchers from the University Hospital of Geneva reported that those participated in the survey used the stairs very frequently in a period of three months. The outcome was that they saw the fat in their waist and in other parts of the body to be reduced, as well as the blood pressure and their cholesterol.

12. Do not forget brushing your teeth

A new research, presented at the Society of General Microbiology in Trinity College Dublin, brings new evidence of gum disease and how they put the heart at risk. The researchers note that regular cleaning of the mouth may save your life! There are now over fifty studies that confirm that the dental problems are associated with heart attacks and strokes and this is now beyond any doubt.

13. Close the TV!

According to researchers at the University of Maryland in the U.S., the unhappy people watch 30% more TV than the happy people. Without making clear from this survey whether the distress torque responsible for our television or television responsible for the misery. But researchers are firmly: those who watch too much television does not have other good things in life, as a friendly companionship, sex, exercise or social activities can become truly unhappy.

14. Eat chocolate

Scientists from the University of Leeds in Britain included coffee, tea and chocolate as number one beverages for well being and longevity. They attribute their beneficial effects on polyphenols, substances that act as a shield to protect against many diseases, including heart disease. Moreover, these drinks can slow down the aging process by protecting cells from the normal wear that time brings. Moreover they do not affect acne as many people believe. You can read more in the acne cures guide.

15. Help other people

According to a recent study by biologists and psychologists’ researchers from the British University of Nottingham, the altruism, in addition to other beneficial effects, is attractive for the opposite sex. Do selfless acts (donations, volunteering) and increased your sexuality and your quality of life.

You have now seen 15 life hacks to change your life. The next time you will wonder “I want to change my life“, revisit this list and start taking action for your own benefit.

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