Why some people are successful in life?

Have you ever wonder: Why some people are successful in life? What makes a person successful? Why do some people stand back on their feet quickly – even after really difficult situations, while others are falling with the slightest difficulties? Ultimately, what are those characteristics that successful people have and are able to cope in the demanding modern life, with the many obligations and problems? How can some people manage to change their life even in the most difficult economic situations where all values and qualities are judged? This article outlines 7 ways on how to be successful in life.

We cannot avoid the blows and disappointments of life, but we can learn how to deal with them effectively and bypass them with no problems. Long-term investigations of two known U.S. scientists, the psychiatrist Steven Wolin and his wife, Sybil Wolin, revealed seven characteristics shared by people who are more resistant to critical events. Learning from these people can help you change your life and become successful.

1. Successful people have a positive vision for success

Vision is the ability to see what is going to happen before it happens. Vision is a powerful tool for the development of emotional resistance. To improve your vision you can follow the simple exercises below:

Bring to your mind a problem you have in your personal or professional life. Try to analyse the problem by entering the position of other people involved in it. Think about whether their perspectives differ from yours and how this changes your initial perception about the problem.

Turn into a difficult period that you have managed to overcome in the past. Acknowledged to your self the power to manage the situation properly. Redefining the role of yourself and watching your actions under a positive light, can help you build self-esteem and confidence, which increases your resistance to various difficult situations.

Learn from experience. Repeat what worked before and never again make the same mistakes. Took the lessons learned and apply them in similar situations. If you want to change your life and be successful you have to learn from your mistakes and make sure that you do not do the same mistakes again and again. Successful people do not stay in the past, but they use the past to show them the correct way for the future.

2. Successful people live an independent life

Independence is the physical and emotional ability to remove us from a potentially disastrous situation, like a bad family relationship. It is also the ability to gain independence of thought, beyond the problematic context. With independence comes the understanding that we are not responsible for the behavior of others but only for our own. Do you think that you are independent in your life?

When something goes wrong in your life, from how many people you can ask for support?
Can you easily create new relationships in the society and the environment you work?

You need to find the ways to live your own life. The only person that can help you change your life, or that can help you become successful and reach your goals, is you. Search for your life independence and stick to it. Be patient and have a positive attribute towards life.

3. Successful people help other people to become successful

The offer of assistance to other people is a strong defense against the feelings of low value. Assistance to others is a positive experience that makes people feel good and helps to overcome the feelings of incompetence that we possibly have inside us. If you feel that there is no meaning in your relationships and your job, try to think about:

Your values. What are your values and how important role they play in your work and in your relationships?
Find ways to participate in activities where you can help other people. Join groups, which share the same interests or participate in charitable organizations. Working with people who have the same values with your own will give a greater meaning to the experiences you gain. If you can help other people to change their lives then you will be able to help your self to change your life. If you can help someone to find success in their life, you have more chances helping yourself to become successful.

4. Successful people have creativity

The expression of our self through a creative process is an important tool for emotional survival. People are creative for various reasons, but in this case we are interested in how creativity can be used for the development of resistance. Creativity is not necessary to be expressed in the public. It can be a very personal way to express an unpleasant experience through writing or painting. «It is a way to put limits on an experience. From the moment you give a name to the monster, is not so scary anymore”. Find time to be creative, some tips to help you:

Attend a creative workshop, be it painting, photography or cooking.
Stop listening to that annoying voice in your head that says I will not go well. And even if you do fail…what’s the big deal?

Successful people are people who know how to deal with failures. They know how to use their creativity to overcome the problems and turn negative situations into positive. They know how to change their life and see a bad situation as positive. They have failed many times in the process but they have found the ways to stand up and fight.

5. Successful people take initiatives

To have in our hands the control of our lives is essential for emotional well being. We can gain control by taking initiatives and solving the problems ourselves. This is easier when you believe that any positive result depends on your effort. Do you attach the positive events in your life? Try to think: if a problem has a positive outcome, why do you think this happens:

Because of fate?
Because of another person?
Because of your hard work and determination?

If you think that your failures are due to you and success to luck or other factors, you should change your way of thinking. You cannot become successful in your life if you do not have faith in yourself. You cannot take the next step and change your life if you do not believe in your own abilities and skills.

6. Successful people have strong relationships

The healthy, strong human ties strengthen resistance against the adversity of life. It has been shown in many studies that the levels of satisfaction from our relations deeply affect our health and our well being. The strong relationships can also satisfy our need to belong somewhere and to overcome the fear of loneliness, a feeling that can make us stronger in difficult times. How can you build strong relationships in your life?

Build strong, positive relationships with family and friends who can listen to you and offer your support.
Make sure that you care enough about your close relationships and try to create new ones.
Stay away from toxic relationships that do you bad and can make you suffer.

In the road to success you have to build good and quality relationships. There will be problems in the way and you need to have all the support you can get to overcome the problems. The best source of support will come from your friends and family.

7. Successful people have a high sense of humor

The humour is a great way to combat stress and therefore the ability to turn pain into comedy is the perfect protection for our emotional health. This does not mean that we refuse the unhappy events. Contrary, humour helps deal with the problems, helps us to analyze the situation better and learn from it. If you do not find the humorous side to your situation, turn to other sources of laughter as a book with jokes or a funny movie. Find what makes you laugh and do it.

If you can deal with your life changes with humor then you will be in a better position to celebrate with your success and withstand better your failures.

Why some people are successful in life is not a matter of luck. Successful people are not just lucky people who are favorable by fate. They are people who know how to manage their life. They are people who understand the need to change their life and seek for the better. This article gave you some food for thought on why some people are more successful in their life than others. It is up to you to change your way of thinking, to change your brain and change your life!

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