How Effective Are Hair Removal Creams?

Hair removal creams or depilatories have come a long way in the 50 years. There used to only be one or two products on the market and they could best be described as messy and smelly. Now there are many creams available to remove hair on different parts of our bodies. Most of these creams are pretty useful for removing unwanted hair. For those people with particularly thick or course hair, a second application may be necessary.

In additional to being more effective, today’s depilatories are not as messy and smell better than the cream our mother’s used. Many hair removal creams have built-in moisturizers to soften your skin as the unwanted hair is removed. Care should still be taken to use hair removal creams just as the manufacturer recommends. It is a good idea to test a new product on a small area of your skin to test for skin sensitivity. If you want to remove hair on your face, check out the creams that are made just for this purpose.

Hair removal creams work by breaking down the structure of the hair follicle and dissolving it so that the hair can be wiped away. Hair will take longer to grow back then if you shaved it.

Many people choose to remove unwanted hair with a cream because it is relatively inexpensive and you can take care of removing the hair yourself, in the privacy of your own home. This method is usually pain-free, as opposed to waxing or plucking. An added bonus is that when the hair re-grows, it can be softer and finer. Some products will claim to be a permanent hair remover, but these results are not usually the norm for everyone.

For all of these reasons, depilatories are a good, inexpensive hair remover that is easy for anyone to do themselves. If you are tired of shaving unwanted hair or are looking for a way to remove facial hair, this may be a good option for you.

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