Women Like A Full Head Of Hair-Get Hair Transplants

I’m sure you have wondered if the balding on the top of your head is affecting your love life. Does it seem like every time you meet a woman the first place she looks is at the scalp shining through your thin hair? A study by a newspaper in Britain has confirmed that this is the case. Women do prefer men with a full head of hair.

This paper set up two profiles on a dating site. They were exactly the same. The profiles had the same professions, same hobbies, same life interests and the same picture except in one they had doctored the photo to look as if the man was balding on top. The picture with the full head of hair got 7 times more replies than the one with the receding hair line. It seems that hair is an important part of attracting the opposite sex.

If you are balding then you really should look into hair transplants for men as it is the best method to replace that hair which has fallen out. Most men who have hair loss do so because of male pattern baldness. This genetic condition causes the hair follicles (that’s the roots of the hair) to stop producing the hair shaft material called keratin. Once this happens, no hair loss remedy will start them producing again. The only option is to transplant growing hair follicles from another area of the head, usually the posterior section as men don’t tend to lose hair here. This procedure has been utilized to treat baldness in men for almost 60 years and it has been perfected to the point that the transplanted hair looks absolutely natural. It can be placed in such a way that it will match the directional growth of the surrounding hairs and it has the same color and texture since it is the patient’s own hair .

The best part is, it is cost effective because the hair transplant cost is a one time charge that then allows you to enjoy your hair for years to come.

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