Even Social Drinkers Can Benefit From Detox

There are times, even though you are only a social drinker, that your body may need a break from alcohol.  Some common symptoms that result from too much alcohol ingestion can include tiredness, problems with your digestive system and even aching muscles.  If you are a regular drinker, and you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your body may be trying to tell you to take a break from drinking alcohol for a while.

Everyone knows that long term alcohol abuse causes damage to both the liver and kidneys.  However, even moderate drinking on a regular basis can also lead eventually to health problems.  Toxins begin to build up in your body to the point that you actually can become slowly addicted to alcohol to the point that you are unable to totally stop.  There are other health problems associated with long term alcohol drinking as well.

While most people, especially social drinkers, do not have serious alcohol or health problems as a result of their drinking, they can develop with long term use.  That is why it is a good idea to abstain from drinking completely every so often.

For the average social drinker, an alcohol detox can simply be just not drinking any alcohol for a time period.  This will allow your liver and kidney to expel all toxins from your body.  It is suggested that you need to take a break for up to four weeks, in order for your body to do its job and successfully get rid of all traces of alcohol from your body and tissues.  If you are a heavy drinker, however, you may not want to go cold turkey right away. Instead you should gradually decrease the amount you are consuming, and switch from hard liquor to wine, for example.  You may find that it is easier to cut back this way if you think you are dependent on alcohol. If you are dependent, you may experience slight withdrawal symptoms such as trembling, excessive sweating and you will also most likely crave alcohol.

For most people, a simple alcoholism intervention is very beneficial.  Many have reported a significant increase in their energy levels, their sex drive and have even noticed that they no longer crave unhealthy foods.  If you are concerned about your body, and you want it to operate at peak performance levels, give it a break from alcohol. You will most likely be very pleasantly surprised at how healthy you feel afterwards!

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