Hair Fall cause and solution

Hair fall is a big problem for everybody. It can happen with any men and women of all ages. Hair fall is actually a normal process of human body, but many environmental and dietary practices affect it badly. So the hair fall increases and become a problem for the person.

The main two causes of increase in hair fall are Environment and Diet. In environment, continue use of AC, continuous exposure to Radiation, continue exposure to dust comes and in Diet, wrong eating habits, junk food etc, comes. There are many other reasons for hair fall like smoking and drinking. Yes smoking and drinking increase hair fall. Again we cannot forget about stress while talking about hair fall. Stress plays a major role in hair fall, more the stress more the hair fall.

The first step for the cure of hair fall is taking proper diet. A proper diet avoids junk and spicy, oily food. Strictly avoid it or forget about hair fall prevention Also increase the intake of proteins in your diet.

Don’t forget to include vitamins in your diet. There are lots of vitamins for hair loss prevention is available in regular food. You just need to know the root cause. In a proper diet include various vitamins like Vitamin E, silica, Zink. It will help in hair loss prevention greatly. Biotin benefits are very much useful for your hairs. Biotin is a type of vitamin B.

For environmental issues, we can only take care to avoid it as much as possible. Here we can use scarf or helmet to prevent direct sunlight exposure to sunlight. Another thing, don’t forget to apply hair oil twice in a week, it will improve hair strength.

For smoking and drinking habits, it totally depends on you. Try to avoid both as much as possible. For stress, just reduce it. It not only kills your hair, it will kill you also slowly.

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