5 Great Tips for Comfortable Sleep like a baby

As we know that Sound Sleep is Good for Health, you should also know that Sleep is also important to reduce stress hormones, which will effectively improve your skin condition. Studies have also shown that sufficient rest and sleep controls your cortisol level, which directly controls your appetite. So, don’t sleep late to avoid increased fat deposition around the abdomen. These are the 5 best and very effective tips you can adopt which can improve your sleeping conditions and may result you in a better sleep, like a baby.
1- Exercising regularly! By Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day help you sleep better.
2- Keep the temperature cool! Keeping the temperature in your bedroom cool and comfortable, no higher than 70 degrees F. Too hot will make it too uncomfortable to sleep while too cold will leave you awake the whole night.
3- Don’t keep the time near you! You will always watch it then. So keep the clock out of sight because watching it every hour is not going to help you sleep better and you will be restless.
4- Wear comfortable! While going to sleep keep yourself in comfortable clothes, which will make you sleep better.
5- Stop working! Don’t work till the very last minute before you go to sleep. Put your work away at least one hour before bed so that you give your mind a break before you call it a night.
Besides these tips there are also some ‘Don’ts’ which you should avoid while going to sleep to get you affective and comfortable sleep.
To attain a slim, fit and healthy body, a natural and full sleep is necessary for your body. If you are restless in night you will be restless the whole day long. So according to me you can have a much comfortable sleep by avoiding the alcohols prior to sleep. You should carefully watch what you eat and drink before you are on your bed. it has been seen that although alcoholic drinks can fall you asleep faster, it is also the number one reason why you find yourself awake in the middle of night. Also, caffeine will only leave you feeling a buzz, which is not a place you want to be before you fall asleep.
Also remember to refrain from having heavy meals before your bed time. This will only make you feel uncomfortable and unable to rest easy when it is time to sleep.
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