Skin Care: Laser Hair Removal

Summer is on the way and it is almost time to pull out the bikini and see the extent of the winter damage. The beach beckons ladies, and you know what that means. It means paying the price for all those winter comfort food dinners and exposing your white and pasty self to the world for the first time in six months.

It is a daring thing, to do the walk of shame across the sand. You try to take every step you can to minimize the disgrace. A wrap, oversize sunglasses and a hat the size of a family pizza will help. Skipping lunch for a week at least makes you feel hungry. (If you are hungry, you must be thin, right?) It is also no surprise that the tanning salons are full of women this time of year. Just a little color will help you from frightening the seagulls.

Unwanted hair though, is a problem that cannot be helped by morning aerobics and trips to the tanning bed. Nothing will destroy your confidence faster than feeling unattractive. In addition, there is nothing pretty about unsightly hair.

Laser hair removal is probably the best and fastest way to get rid of problem hair. Treatment areas can be anywhere you do not want hair. An online search will give you the names and websites of businesses licensed to do laser treatment in your community. Many websites also will have a frequently asked question section that will provide you with lots of information including laser removal cost, number of treatments required, and laser removal safety. Most women who undergo the procedure are very happy with the results and wish they had done it years earlier.

When you make an appointment ask questions and do not be shy. You are the one who has to wear the swimsuit.

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