Can’t Sleep? Try These Easy Solutions!

If you struggle falling asleep at night, you may be tempted to turn to prescription drugs to help you with your sleep troubles.  While this is certainly an alternative, it should only be used as the last resort.  Before you take this step, try implementing these easy steps that can help you fall asleep faster.

Clean Up Your Environment

Did you know that when your environment is physically messy that it causes you mental stress?  It has been shown that people sleep better in an environment that is clean and tidy.  You should pick up all the clutter in your bedroom, and make sure your sheets get changed each week.  Refrain from eating in bed because the crumbs can make getting a good night’s sleep difficult.

Watch Your Diet

You probably know that you should avoid caffeine in the afternoon.  (This is true whether you think that caffeine impacts your sleep or not.)  You should also avoid eating sweets close to bed time.  Even people who normally sleep soundly find that they are restless after a large dessert – particularly one that is chocolate!

Adjust the Temperature

Studies show that most people sleep in a room that is around 65 degrees.  A room that is cooler or warmer than this can cause your body to try to get back to this temperature all night long making you restless.  While every person is slightly different, you should try setting your thermostat to 65 degrees at night and adjust up or down base on your own preferences.


If you are searching for ways to fall asleep, exercise should come at the top of your list.  It has been shown that exercising in the late afternoon is best, but if you can’t fit your workout in then you should get it in whenever you can.  If at all possible, avoid working out just before bedtime as this can actually make falling asleep more difficult.

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