Raja Meditation Chair

When one goes deep in to meditation, the physical realm no more exists. You lose identification with the body and soul dwells in the astral world. No more physical attachment, no more suffering of daily existence. You become one with your true nature i.e. pure consciousness. It is really luxury of the soul.

But to access this level of consciousness and forget the sense of body it is a pre-requisite that body achieve the state of total relaxation. Then only you can go beyond the body. And body doesn’t ask much to get relaxed. It also want a good luxurious posture to relax. And the answer to this comes from Raja meditation chair.

The name is derived from the Sanskrit (the oldest language of mankind) word ‘Raja’ which means king. The design of this chair is such that it makes you feel like king/queen of your own internal world. A comfortable seat, a steady posture and a relaxed mind, it doesn’t cost much to visit the heaven inside you.

The intelligent design of Raja meditation chair assures that you get the best support for both sitting and leaning postures. The extended seat gives you liberty to try different postures. It has shorter arm which allows support to your arms when you choose to sit and legs also get more space when they are folded for crossed leg posture. Soft cushion gives comfort to hips and legs and sturdy back give support to the upright position of spine.

Along with its royal design, Raja meditation chair is made from very strong and sustainable materials. Woven banana leaves are use for back and seat whereas frame is made from solid mango wood. Cushion is filled with natural kapok. It can match look of your meditation room, office or studio. It can be used for other activities like reading and lounging.

It’s costlier than other types of meditation chairs. It costs around $300 to $400 excluding shipping and handling charges. But it is definitely worth it. If finding true and eternal bliss of life really means something to you then it is very small price for it.

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