Easy Meditation – Three Steps To Learn Be Relaxed

Most people don’t realize the simplicity to relaxing and meditation. Many people over complicate the process, but it’s really not that hard. If you have the ability to breathe, than you’re on your way to the first and easiest step to becoming relaxed and entering into a state of easy meditation. Once our body is relaxed, then we can relax our mind. Take several deep and full breathes. Count to ten in between breathes. Do this at least fives times or so. Once you do this, your body becomes calm and then we can focus on relaxing our mind and entering into a state of easy meditation.

Listed below are three easy meditation techniques

Mantra meditation is one of the oldest forms of meditation and is an easy meditation technique. There’s a lot of power behind mantra meditation. In fact, monks still use this technique each and every day. Mantra is a form of repetitious rhythmic sounds. This is not a chant, but rather a group of sound vibrations used to focus on a state of attention. There are many variations of mantra. Take a little time and search the Internet for the mantra that best suits your style. One thing to remember with mantra is that it must speak to you in order to discover true meditation.

Here and now meditation is a very effective and easy meditation tool. It can be done anywhere by anyone and doesn’t need an instructor. There isn’t any cost to here and now mediation. You may or may not realize that experiences in life are logged into your mind. Many of them are negative experiences. When our mind plays these experiences back, they are often inaccurate. This inaccurate information causes our mind and spirit to be out of balance therefore preventing our minds from being relaxed. Using here and now meditation, we can develop the ability to be aware of our past experience but not to focus on them with our minds or any part of our body, and remove any images from these experiences that may have caused emotional suffering.

Walking meditation gives you the ability to focus and bring awareness to your life. When you’re walking, it brings the attention of the vibration from the ground to your feet and legs, and therefore the feeling travels throughout your entire body. With this feeling combined with deep breathing, you are able to mediate. This might be one of the simplest forms of easy meditation. When we’re walking, we have our thoughts with us. We are able to process experiences in our life. This is like a virtual modern day “brain dump”. Once we release negative thoughts and process them, we can truly achieve a state of calm relaxation and inner peace.

While these are just three easy meditation techniques, there are many more. A little bit of time and patience will help you determine which meditation technique is best for you. There are times where you will find some techniques will help you in specific seasons of your life. One things for sure, do one technique at lest daily, and plan for a longer and possibly more intricate meditation session once a week.

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