What Fast Food To Avoid To Lose Weight

You do not have to avoid fast food restaurants when you are planning to slim down a bit. When you are out working or hanging out with friends, the chances are that you will end up going to a fast food restaurant sooner or later. This might be your worst nightmare as you are trying to lose weight, and the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fast food chains is that you will gain weight. There are ways that you can still lose weight while eating at a fast food restaurant and you will find out how.

You are faced with tough decisions at a fast food chain because there are too many delicious foods to choose from and dirt cheap prices. Do you want the combo meal that comes with the cheeseburger, fries, and soda, or do you want to get the salad? If you look at the nutrition facts for the sandwiches, then you will be shocked that the sandwiches do not have as much calories as you expect. What really kills you are the sodas and fries added to your meal. You can enjoy a chicken sandwich or cheeseburger if you want, and most fast food restaurants will have these at around 400 calories. That is not bad for lunch considering the fact that a combo meal will be well over 1000 calories easily.

The sodas and fries alone will contribute about 600 calories on regular sizes, and if you opt for bigger sizes, they can easily be over 1000 calories just from sodas and fries. Most states mandate the fast food chains to provide calories displayed clearly on the menu. If you have to go with a soda, then choose the diet soda. I suggest you get two sandwiches instead of one sandwich with fries if you really have to go for more food. The two sandwiches will fill you up with protein while fries are just empty white starch with lots of fattening oil.

You can also decide what pizzas from Domino pizza restaurants have low calories.

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