Help Your Sleep Cycle & Help Yourself

Even though there are many ways that you can help your sleep cycle to perform at it maximum level but most of the time the actual understanding concerning this matter is somewhat overlooked or ignored it seems. Many people think getting a good night sleep and the actual quality of the process is measure merely through the length (hours in this case) which is not true. You can have 7-8 hours or even longer sleep times but still in the morning if you still feel tired and weak and find it really difficult even to get off from your bed then you haven’t achieved much from it.

There are few basic steps which anyone can follow in order to get the most out of your sleep. Starting with simple exercises, controlling your eating, the time you spent in from of the TV and the hardest of all (could be second only to the greed for food) is letting go of the Drugs. When observed they all can be represented using a single word, “habits”. This is the worst enemy of your sleep. It prevents you from reaching deep mind-states while your body repairs itself and thus resulting adding more and more power to the habits itself. It might seem like a dilemma but when observed through a different angle it all makes sense.

For instance let’s say after each day at your work you come home with stress, anxiety, etc and as a way of trying to “get away” from it you start to use some drugs. Or even eating more than your body actually needs. And some may even starting to watch TV for a very longer period at night. But did you know nature has given not only to us but to all species a way of their own to deal with distress, fears and insecurity. Yes, and it’s called sleep.

But if you fail to achieve these deep mind states that arises while you’re sleeping (or sleep cycles to be precise) even though that was the best natural way to over come this problem but still it’s really sad that only very few of us are aware of the both its importance and ways of achieving it.I’m not going to point out the exercises that you can use because some requires professional help but would give few basic tips that anyone can try out.

As mentioned earlier stop your Drinking and Smoking. Or at least try not to use them everyday at night time. If you have anxiety or similar disorders please get the proper help from a trained physician. Don’t eat too much at night (especially avoid high amount of sugar). Do whatever that makes you relaxed and calm (can differ from yoga, meditation or if you’re religious do same praying, etc).

And most importantly be patient. Nothing happens overnight. There are hundreds of different ways of relaxing your both mind and the body but as said earlier since some requires the guldens of an expert I won’t be reveling them on this article either. There are even electronic gadgets which are called sleep cycle alarm clocks which makes sure not to interrupt you during your sleep and wake you at the best time possible. But before doing any of that; first if you understood the importance concerning this matter (which was the scope this article) then from there you can move on and do your own research and get the proper help because your health is not something that should be ignored.

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