How Fitness Watches Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Many people find it hard to maintain a habit of regular exercise. They start out with good intentions by buying the running gear, shoes and the fitness watches . However, their enthusiasm soon begins to slowly ebb away as they begin to hit the first obstacles which are usually the aches and pains. Most people do not actually think through what they want to achieve by doing regular exercise. They may want to lose weight but they actually do not sit down and write out their fitness and weight loss goals. Many use New Year resolutions however, these are not effective which is why they are rarely successful.

If you want to lose weight or maintain a regular fitness program then, you need to set goals. Setting goals when done correctly can be very effective and powerful. The human mind needs at target to focus its attention and energy. The target must provide an intrinsic value to the person because this provides the motivation and momentum to move towards achieving that goal. Therefore, the first thing to do is write your fitness goals down. Make your goals specific as possible for example, “I want to lose weight” is not specific, it is too vague and general. A specific goal would be something like “I will lose 300 calories a day by running for 45 minutes”.

You also need to give your goals a deadline as you need that pressure to get you going. The best way is to have a big goal for example, to lose 6 stone over the next six months. You can break your big goal down into smaller monthly, weekly, and daily goals. These make them more achievable and each time you achieve one of the smaller goals this will give you the incentive to continue. Heart rate monitor watches such as the polar f11 are great for this as they enable you to set your daily and weekly fitness goals and you can track how well you are performing against them.

Always seek a doctor’s advice if you have a medical condition before doing any form of new exercise.

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