Why Do I Need Fluoride?

Flouride is something you’ve heard your dentist talk about and you may have even heard about it in school, but what is the big deal? Why should you bother with another vitamin? The reason is that fluoride can help you and your teeth. Do you really want to lose teeth unnecessarily? Probably not, so fluoride is going to help you achieve that goal. Fluoride is a chemical compound that over the years has been proven to prevent cavities.

Fluoride is most commonly delivered in the form of hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6). Fluoride works by reducing the rate of cavity formation by reducing the rate of enamel removal. Thusly the application is purely topical, after fluoride reaches your stomach it is practically useless. This is why fluoride is in the water or in mouth washes.

It has been proven in multiple studies over the years to have a significant effect on portions of the populous who receive fluoride in their water. An Ogden dentist strongly suggests that if you don’t live in an area where the water is fluoridated that you should purchase fluoride in some form to give to your children and for yourself if you are pregnant. Fluoride is most effect if taken while the teeth are developing. This stretches from the time before birth until your teeth stop coming in, which is 18-21 if you count wisdom teeth. However, Ogden dental clinics suggest that at age 9 it is ok to stop taking fluoride because at that point the surface of the 12 year old molars has formed.

Too much fluoride can be dangerous, but tablets, mouth washes, and drinking water are well below that threshold. You will know if you are ingesting too much fluoride if you start to see white spots on your teeth. If you see them you should stop taking fluoride and see your dentist.

Fluoride can greatly benefit you and prevent dental expenditures. So go get some.

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