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Suggestions For Constipation Treatment

Most people have issues with constipation at some point in life. They have more problems having a bowel movement, or have a hard stool which makes it more difficult to pass. And want immediate constipation relief

How often people have bowel movements and what is considered “normal” can be quite different among people. For the majority of people constipation constitutes dealing with hard stool or having less than three bowel movements in a period of seven days.


The easiest ways to do deal with this matter is something that you can do do yourself. Something like eating a diet that contains a lot of fiber is the best way to deal with constipation and can prevent if from even occurring sometimes. Your diet should include things like fruits, vegetables, beans and grains.

Lots of exercise and being active on a regular basis can stop constipation. Drinking a lot of water or other liquids assists in making stools softer so they can get passed. You should not wait to take a bowel movement or ignore the needs or your body. Give yourself ample day every to let your body perform its function.


Natural Laxatives can often be bought without a prescription and can be just fine for constipation treatment. You should not use them on a regular basis because you may start to depend on them. It is better to eat a healthy diet and remain as physically active as you can.

Stimulants like Senokot or Correctol make the insides of your body contract. The insides of the body can be lubricated with something like mineral oil to assist passage of the stool. Or you can try and make it softer which something like Surfak which also guards against dehydration. A good bulk laxative to use is something like Serutan or Fibercon.

Alternative Methods

Something like acupuncture or massage might assist in constipation treatment if other methods do not work. These are not proven techniques and should be used only as a last resort.

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