The Long Eyelashes Look

Sometimes you can just pity what other girls do to their eyelashes. They do everything they can, curling them, painting them, gluing them, transplanting them and even putting feathers and beads on them. But can also just do one simple thing – take care of them. Anyway, they are made to protect your eyes too, right?

I do not want to sound preachy, but eyelashes are really a blessing for us. It was created with the main purpose of protecting our eyes from dusts and other particles in the air that can end up in our eyes. But how well do you know your eyes, its lashes and eyelids? Maybe it is good to know something about our eyes and lashes as to better understand why we need to care for them.

Basically, the eyelid is a reinforced fold of skin. These are attached to the skeletal muscles (orbicularis oculi) that allow the movement in our eyes. These eyelids have what you call tarsal plates that shields and shapes the tarsal glands that secrete oily matter so as to avoid the eyelids from sticking together. The plexus gives sensitivity to the eyes and the one that fastens each eyelid together in a row. This is also the one responsible for reflexive closing of the eyes if there are dusts or particles near the eyes. There are also upper and lower lashes with the upper having longer and curlier ones. Eyelashes grow like normal hair and it also falls off in a normal cycle.

To have long eyelashes, many use eye moisturizers, conditioners and oils to keep it long and thick. Many experts suggest water-resistant mascara, since these are made of petroleum and are waterproof. Others prefer luxurious mascara because they feel these are more suitable for them. No matter what mascara you may end up choosing, though, the most important thing is to pick the mascara that will suit your eyelashes.

However, doing the basic eye-care methods are still the best way to protect your eyes, eyelashes and eyelids to keep it healthy and beautiful. For example, use a hat if going out into direct sunlight so as to protect your eyes, or put on shades to keep dusts and small particles from entering your eyes or from strong gusty winds and blinding light. Wash off any eye makeup before going to bed and take special care by pampering your eyes once in a while.

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