Weight Loss Tea Types

The most easiest and effective among weight loss tips is to include a weight loss tea in your daily diet. They will curb hunger, boost your metabolism, and supply the benefits of rich antioxidants. They come in many varieties and you can drink them cold or hot. You can add honey, agave or a sweetener such as Stevia to create a delicious drink. Oolong, Green, and Black are the top three weight loss teas. They are sold in bags and as loose-leaf tea. They are also available in many pre-flavored blends.

The most recognized and popular variety among the people is Green tea. It is a type of Chinese weight loss tea that has been proven to maximize your fat burning capacity and is rich in antioxidants. You can add lime, mint, or a sweetener to make a delicious cold drink. It is also equally delicious when hot. Add a slice of orange or lemon when hot to create a fruity favor. To obtain all the benefits, you must make sure to drink at least three cups of tea daily.

Black tea has a mild flavor and is also rich in antioxidants. It has been proven to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Most people like to add a slice of lemon to create additional flavor. Consuming at least 3 cups of tea daily will help to boost your metabolism.

Oolong tea is not very famous among people. But it has been rising in popularity because in addition to boosting your metabolism it also improves your skin. This tea is taken by many people with eczema to improve their skin condition. To utilize the benefits of this wonderful tea, consume at least 2 cups daily.

If your prefer to take them as capsules, many varieties are available at the local health food shops. They can be found in the vitamin section in many chain grocery stores.

Drinking tea and replacing sugary and calorie heavy beverages with the tea is one of the best weight loss tips for women out there.  Sometimes just doing this will lead towards a trimmer you!

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