Natural Beauty Health

There are times when all our attempts to be healthy fail us, our daily routines get disrupted for one reason or another, our lives get hectic, we become run down and prone to illness and disease, sometimes no matter how healing our daily practice is and no matter how diligent we are about them, from time to time, every one of us are likely to experience sickness to some degree or another, or external factors such as exposure to viruses or colds.  Many are more susceptible to disease because of lifestyle choices, such as taking recreational drugs, drinking and smoking.   Natural beauty health, is about looking after our immune system, ensuring we have the tools in place to stay health, helping us fight disease and regain inner balance.
Disease: this begins on a microscopic level; every cell in our body is programmed to protect our body from intruders such as bacteria, yeast, viruses and free radicals.   Different cells have different functions when warding off disease.   When illness or stress strikes, some cells get the wrong signals and begin to change their activities, the cells innate intelligence is corrupted, when a healthy cell is invaded by cancer, it is redesigned and that cell looks to corrupt further cells for the cancer.   The cells consciousness has completely changed from that of consciousness to destructiveness and the body becomes under more stress, opening the body up for even more destruction.
Stress: This really is the greatest source of illness, it blocks the flow of intelligent energy and when that healing energy is blocked, our healing capacities are hampered.  The good news is through a change of habits, we can unlock that energy, and redirect it to heal the areas of imbalance.
Healing: Whatever the disease we can be cured, healing energy is deep rooted within ourself, it is second nature to us, recovery is the bodies autonomic function.  Because of life energy stored within us it flows through us naturally, this energy is known as prana or chi.   An open active mind-body-spirit connection is vital to direct this healing energy, in order to heal we must be positive in our thinking, and have faith, but it is often our consciousness that causes negative thoughts and we need to learn to be positive.  This positive constiscouness allows the free flow of life force energy and consequently healing energy.  If we look to build and enhance this awareness of positive energy around and within us, we have an opportunity to promote personal healing and balance.

We can heal ourself and we can be healed by people and those with whom we have a relationship, in order to rely on these people we must heal them also, the same is true with our relationship with our surroundings.  When we contribute to the healing of the earth and the natural beauty around us, the environment rewards us by providing a healthier place to live and breathe.  This is about us getting in tune with our spiritual connection, whether we  call that god, or just choose to connect with our surroundings and the glory of nature, by taking the time to appreciate our surroundings and being calm and centered in all the noise, we can achieve a sense of well being and balance, that will encourage a foundation of  health and healing for now and in the future.

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