Running Injuries To Avoid

Running is a fantastic way to get fit and can be very liberating. The problem is that a lot of runners end up getting injuries, and then trying to run through them. This is a recipe for disaster, because a minor problem can become chronic if it isn’t allowed to heal. For this reason, it’s important for every runner to be aware of some of the most common running injuries so that they can identify the early warning signs.

Runners knee is one of the most common problems affecting joggers of all standards. It is usually the result of training too much or too soon, and can also be made more likely by weak quadriceps muscles. The pain will typically be directly below the knee, and the injury requires a period of test as well as rehabilitation exercises in order to heal. Failure to allow the injury to heal will probably lead to more problems in the future.

Achilles tendonitis is another common problem, and is an extremely frustrating condition. The problem with tendonitis of any sort is that the tendons get a relatively low level of blood supply which makes them slow to heal. As with all injuries, rest and rehabilitation are required.

Other common injuries include bursitis of the knee and patellofemoral syndrome. Running injuries tend to affect the ankle, knee or hip joints because these take most of the force. It is possible to get running injuries to the back though, especially if you have flat feet.

Prevention of running injuries starts with making sure you get the best running shoes. Getting a good pair of shoes, as well as stretching a lot, can make all the difference to your chances of getting a long term injury. A physiotherapists should always be consulted if you start to get running pain.

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