What is the Mediterranean diet and why you should care?

For years, people have struggled to find the best diet for the fittest lifestyle. Some have tried limiting their calorie intake, while some have chosen to cut carbohydrates completely from their diet. In 1993, the Mediterranean diet has been introduced to an American audience. It promises to give the healthiest diet you can ever imagine, which made it to be dubbed as the gold standard for eating patterns.


The Mediterranean diet was basically patterned after the eating habits of the people living around the Mediterranean Sea, specifically Italy, Greece and Spain. The people living in these places eat what they have, or what could easily be found around where they live. This means they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, beans, legumes and seeds. The primary source for the fat in their diet is olive oil, which contains less fat than any other kinds of oil. They also eat fish and seafood, although they eat this less than the foods listed above. Their diet is also abundant in cheese and yogurt, one of the main foods in the area. These people also drink red wine, although they drink it moderately.

If you think of it, the Mediterranean Diet is more than a diet– it is a lifestyle. Once you follow it, you’d need to follow it forever if you want to benefit from it. Remember that the people who living around the Mediterranean Sea did not have to follow this kind of diet, it’s just how they live. Following this kind of eating pattern, doing lots of activity and living clean (like not smoking) is the key to have the healthiest lifestyle you can ever imagine.


The people living around the Mediterranean Sea have a good reason for following this diet– it’s what they have. If you are living in America, it might not be so easy following the culture practiced millions of miles away. If you have the determination though, it shouldn’t be so hard. Aside from exerting effort to make fruits and vegetables as the foundation of your diet, you can also replace the butter with olive oil when the recipe asks for it. You can also use herbs and spices to replace salt, and limit red meat to a few times a month.


This kid of diet has been known to give a lot of benefits. A recent study has shown that people following such diet has lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time, switching to a Mediterranean diet may be the answer to your problem. Another recent study made by The New England Journal of Medicine has shown that this diet is actually more effective than a low- fat diet, benefiting people who want to lose weight more effectively. Furthermore, eating like the people in Spain, Greece and Italy has shown to be effective in fighting against cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.


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