What is the best way to cure a cold?

Cold is a very popular infection disease caused by virus. Contrary to popular belief, cold is not caused by change in weather or poor nutrition. It’s caused by the transfer of the virus when you hug, kiss or touch. Having cold will force you to stay in bed for a week or two, requiring you to be absent from work and to stay away from your kids as much as possible. Cold is messy stuff, but this doesn’t mean there’s no way of getting out of it fast.

You may get different opinions from different people, but the best way to cure cold is by resting. The moment the cold- causing virus enters your body, your immune system works hard to fight it off. It keeps on doing this until it gets rid of the virus. By resting, you are giving your immune system all the help they can get. More resting on your part means more power for your immune system to get rid of the virus. Aside from resting though, there are more ways on how to cure cold fast. Here are some tips to help you up and about in no time.


Your mom might have fed you chicken soup for your cold back when you were young. While this was first thought of as old wives’ tale, scientific studies have shown that the ingredients used for chicken soup actually help reduce the swelling of nasal cavities. The warm broth also rehydrates the body, which helps the body fight off the virus.


Cold is known for dehydrating the body, which is why you’d need to drink as much liquids as you can. Aside from water, fruit juice and tea will also help a lot. Just remember to avoid coffee and alcohol, as these cause dehydration.


Old people believe that you shouldn’t take a hot shower when you have a cold, lest it causes fever—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Experts believe that the steam from a hot shower will actually clear your nasal passage, making it easier to breathe. The virus causing the illness is also very sensitive to heat, making it possible to kill some of them through the nasal cavities. This makes it easier for your immune system to combat the virus, allowing you to get cured in a shorter time.

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