Using a Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch

One of the most effective ways to work out is with a heart rate monitor. Many people work out with the goal of running a certain distance or completing a set of repetitions, but intensity gets left out of the equation. The intensity level is important. If it’s allowed to fluctuate too much, the training […]


How Fitness Watches Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Many people find it hard to maintain a habit of regular exercise. They start out with good intentions by buying the running gear, shoes and the fitness watches . However, their enthusiasm soon begins to slowly ebb away as they begin to hit the first obstacles which are usually the aches and pains. Most people […]


Why Choose The Polar F11 HRM

If you have been looking at heart rate monitors, then you already know that the Polar F11 HRM is one of, if not the top-rated heart rate monitor sport watches being sold and used all over the globe today. Athletes, fitness experts, their followers, and just the ordinary person who has somehow learned that it […]

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